Life in the capital of Russia. Moscow Real Estate Review.

For those who want to move to the capital of Russia or transfer their business here, Moscow offers several real estate formats at once, among which everyone will find a suitable option. The primary market has a large palette of club houses, family quarters, skyscrapers and apartment complexes. Lovers of country lifestyle can pick up an elite village on the Novorizhsky and Rublevsky directions. Modern business centers with class A offices and retail premises are being built in the central districts. In addition, there is always market of mansions suitable for the headquarters or ancestral nest. Let's look at each type of real estate separately.

Primary market

Today in Moscow, about 2 dozen developers are building houses in the segment of business, premium and deluxe class. As a rule, all projects appear in the Central Administrative District and surrounding areas.
To understand how classes of real estate differ, let's take a look at the chart below.
Club houses
The club house is a small residential building with a height of up to 15 floors with a minimum number of apartments. Residents are not burdened with excessive neighborhood, because there are 3-5 lots on each floor. This format of life allows you to create close ties with other residents, spend time together in local fitness clubs, spa areas or chat while walking around the landscaped courtyard.

The project "House with Atlanteans" is a 4–storey club house with deluxe class apartments, which appeared in a restored 19th-century mansion built on Solyanka Street. Here you can buy a two-level loft, a spacious residence, a penthouse with an outdoor terrace or a separate villa. A cozy courtyard-park with recreation areas and evening lighting is laid out in the courtyard. A concierge works around the clock in the lobby, a fireplace room is equipped for pleasant meetings, plus an indoor parking is organized in a separate building.
Such residential complexes consist of 4-16 low-rise buildings grouped into blocks or urban blocks. Developers are equipping not just a yard, but an ecosystem of green landscapes that smoothly flow into each other, where you can train in the workout zone, play with your child on the playground, relax in the open-air living room, gather with friends for a grill party or walk along ponds, fountains or art objects. Private kindergartens are being opened in every family quarter or even a new school is built from scratch.
One of such projects is the West Garden complex with business class apartments, located near the Setun River Valley Nature Reserve. The entire territory between the houses is occupied by a garden and park space with flower beds, large-sized geometric shrubs. Developers have equipped the embankment of the small Ramenka River and laid a wooden promenade along which you can relax on a bench and admire the local flora.
Family quarters
Another popular format is high–rise buildings that are united by a common stylobate, or next to which a green courtyard is arranged. Such projects are chosen by people who need to admire from the window not just a neighboring building or passing cars, but a wide panorama of the area, boundless urban landscapes or picturesque views of neighboring parks or embankments.
The Prime Park project consists of 9 towers up to 41 floors high with premium class apartments located in the Khoroshevsky district. A system of parks with a total area of 3 hectares was divided between the houses, which gave the name to the complex. Promenades are laid for residents, dry fountains, summer verandas, playgrounds and sports grounds are equipped. A shopping gallery is open on the ground floors, where you can buy groceries at the market, have a workout at a fitness club, have dinner at a restaurant, send your child to kindergarten or make an appointment at a beauty salon.
Such projects combine all the charm of hotel services and the comfort of a modern residential building. The complexes are serviced under the patronage of a well-known hotel brand, which simplifies the daily life of residents as much as possible. Depending on the project, you can use the services of: concierge, valet parking, catering, baby sitter, maid, valet, florist, chef, porter, doorman and other specialists. These houses are most often packed with useful spaces from the lobby bar and meeting rooms to the spa and fitness club.
Corinthia Hotel Project & Residences is a complex of 5-star hotel and deluxe-class apartments with hotel service under the management of the famous brand Corinthia Hotel, which is located on Tverskaya Street. Residents have access to a whole kaleidoscope of leisure places: a premium restaurant with author's cuisine, a karaoke club, a bar, wine and cigar rooms, a private cinema, a fitness center with a spa area, meeting rooms, a billiard room and a children's playroom.
Complexes with service apartments
Suburban real estate
The best suburban settlements are concentrated in the western part of the Moscow region and are located along three main highways: Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway, Novorizhskoe highway and Minsk highway. Each project has its own twist – chalet-style houses, Dutch-style townhouses, cottages in the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright houses, half-timbered houses, chateaux, buildings based on author's projects. Among this variety, each client will find his ideal option.
Developers are trying to create mini-cities outside the city in order to completely cover all the needs of residents. In the villages, additional shopping complexes are being built, clubhouses with a lounge areas and a fitness clubs are being opened, restaurants on the shore of the pond. Parks are laid out in French, English or Japanese styles. Playgrounds are organized for children, playhouses are being built, children's centers or schools are being opened.
The country village "Zhukovka 21" is located 10 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, or 15 minutes by car. In the northeast, the village is washed by the Moscow River, and some of the houses have their own private access to the water. A separate wellness center with a fitness club and halls for yoga and strength training was built for residents. A premium restaurant "Peer" with a summer veranda near the shore was opened nearby. An elite school "President" was built across the street - graduates easily enter the best universities of the country and Europe.
Commercial real estate
For those who want to move their business or open a branch, Moscow offers a wide range of commercial premises. From compact objects such as street retail with an area of 3 square meters on the main shopping arteries of the capital to large business centers with small cuts. You can always rent an office in modern business district with a powerful infrastructure from cafes and markets to coworkings and beauty salons. If you want to invest money, you can choose a ready–made rental business with a yield of 8-10% per annum - supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, alcoholic beverage stores, flower salons.

"The Federation" project is an ensemble of 2 towers up to 97 floors in height with premium class apartments, modern offices and retail premises at the stylobate level. Lots are on sale with finishes made of natural materials, ceilings up to 4 meters and panoramic windows offering stunning views of the sights of the capital – the Luzhniki Stadium, the Moscow State University building, the Stalin skyscrapers and the embankments of the Moskva River.
If you look at the central districts of Moscow, you can see a whole scattering of historical houses, urban estates, monuments of Art Nouveau or Moscow Baroque, Stalinist Empire, constructivist buildings or profitable houses of merchant Moscow. There will also be modern free-standing buildings of the Luzhkov era or modern models of our days.

All these objects are located near metro stations or near transport interchanges. It is profitable to buy mansions to open headquarters, a representative office, a medical clinic, a restaurant complex or a hotel chain or for the arrangement of the ancestral nest in the spirit of the aristocratic traditions of noble Russia.
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